Thursday, December 9, 2021

12:00-3:00pm EST

An interactive workshop to help you look back on your year, document your accomplishments, and share them with your audience.

We've entered Q4...

Which means one thing: we’re about to be bombarded with messages demanding us to start thinking about 2022.

Set your budget! Create your marketing plan! Get that planner!

It’s the workplace version of setting up your Christmas tree in September.

Rather than blowing past our goals and replacing them with new ones, what if we took the time to pause and acknowledge the progress we’ve made? What if looking back could actually help us move forward with more precision and ease?

Before we leave 2021 let’s gather to identify our personal and professional wins and discuss how (and why) to position them and share with our audience(s).

In this workshop I’ll be taking it back to my nonprofit days when I prepared annual reports to share with funders. I’ll use this framework to guide you through the process of recognizing your achievements, contextualizing them, and creating a plan to share them with your network.

How Will This Help Me?

Whether you want to apply for the job of your dreams or communicate to a prospective client that we've produced similar projects, sharing your work is necessary. And too often we don’t keep track of what we've done. We find ourselves spending hours in the depths of Google Drive and our inbox searching for evidence.

When we make the space to document our progress proactively we save ourselves time and sanity. This practice helps us show rather than tell people about what we do, who we do it for, and—most importantly—why that matters.



“I don’t spend a lot of time working on my business as I’m usually knee deep in it — or in my clients’ situations. It was nice to step back and have you ask me important questions about my values, what I want to say, how I help people, and how I want to move forward.”

What We'll Cover

    • How organizations use and distribute their annual progress
    • Principles of storytelling to qualify and quantify your impact
    • Examples of personal and organizational annual reports
    • How to weave your impact into your public profile, brand messaging, and thought leadership
    • Setting meaningful goals based on your year

Who Should Attend?

While the annual review is a critical practice for everyone to perform, this workshop will be especially beneficial to you if:

    • You’re updating your resume, LinkedIn profile, bio, or website
    • You’re re-positioning or rebranding your business
    • You need to develop case studies for this year’s projects
    • You’re searching for marketing material content
    • You want leverage for a promotion
    • You want to recognize and celebrate your team for their contributions
    • You need social proof to sell your services
    • You simply want to feel good about what you’ve done in the midst of a freaking global pandemic



This event is limited to 10 participants to allow for group discussion, ample Q+A time, and personalized coaching.

Workshop Ticket

    • 3-hour live workshop with the opportunity to receive personalized “hot seat” coaching
    • Workshop recording available for 30 days

 VIP Ticket

    • Workshop ticket
    • 60-minute bonus call with Kim following the workshop to review your messaging, positioning, and action plan

* Please note all sales are final. If you are unable to attend live, you will be able to access the recording after the live event concludes.