a speaker with iq and eq

a speaker with iq and Eq

"One of my favorite interviews we've ever had! Seriously, so fun."


Looking for a speaker or panel moderator that translates from screen to stage? I got you.

To land my first job out of college I had to pass a 3-hour interview that included a 45-minute mock presentation. Somehow at 22 I knew that public speaking was going to be central to my career and that to become good at it I had to practice A LOT.

Now, ten-ish (I see you calculating my age over there) years later I've spoken to thousands from the stage, host a weekly podcast, and join colleagues across industries to talk about storytelling, leveraging your lived experience, and sharing your message.



From Industry Leader to Thought Leader.

At some point entrepreneurs feel called to lead beyond the walls of their business. This requires moving their message from what they sell to what they believe in. This topic will help attendees get clear on what they value, how they've done things differently, and why that matters.


Strategic Storytelling.

Storytelling offers leaders the incredible opportunity to build relationships through relatability. But there's a fine line between coming off as narcissistic and building human connection. This talk focuses on how to identify relevant stories and authentically blending them into your conversations, content, and copy.


Communicating With Candor.

We spend so much of our time and energy at work focused on navigating difficult conversations. Knowing that vulnerability is the key to brave leadership (thanks, Brené), this discussion will help entrepreneurs, managers, and individual contributors move past their hesitation to give honest feedback and gain tips to communicate with empathy and ease.


If you're interested in having me join your company, conference, or podcast, I'd love to connect. Please share a few details below to kickstart this conversation.