a speaker with iq and eq

a speaker with iq and Eq

"One of my favorite interviews we've ever had! Seriously, so fun."


Looking for a speaker or panel moderator that translates from screen to stage? I got you.

To land my first job out of college I had to pass a 3-hour interview that included a 45-minute mock presentation on a topic I knew nothing about. That was my first clue, at 22, that public speaking was going to be central to my career and that to become good at it I had to practice A LOT.

Now, ten-ish years later I've spoken to thousands from the stage, host a biweekly podcast, and join colleagues across industries to talk about storytelling, leveraging your lived experience, and sharing your message.



Developing Your Thought Leadership Platform

At some point entrepreneurs feel called to lead beyond the walls of their business. This requires shifting your message from what you sell to what you believe in. If you're so bogged down by the day-to-day that you've lost perspective on what makes you stand out, this talk will reacquaint you with your differentiators and help you identify specific content areas to start speaking about.


How to Tell Your Story As It Evolves

Storytelling offers leaders the incredible opportunity to build relationships through relatability. But there's a fine line between coming off as long-winded and building human connection. This talk focuses on how to identify relevant stories, personal narratives, and lessons learned and authentically blend them into your conversations, content, and copy.


Personal Branding For Business Leaders

Your brand is much bigger than what you happen to be doing today. The leaders who build notoriety and impact society are the ones who are able to blend who they are with what they believe in, what they've learned with where they've been. This talk will help you build a narrative that hinges on your individuality, transcending the childhood lemonade stand story and positioning you for your next act.


If you're interested in having me join your company, conference, or podcast, I'd love to connect. Please share a few details below to kickstart this conversation.