Let’s take this offline

Let’s take this offline

While content is great, the real magic happens in conversation.


Looking for a speaker that translates as well on stage as online? I got you.

To land my first job out of college I had to pass a 3-hour interview that included a 45-minute mock presentation. Somehow at 22 I knew that public speaking was going to be central to my career and that to become good at it I had to practice A LOT.

Now, ten-ish (I see you calculating my age over there) years later I've spoken to thousands from the stage, host a weekly podcast, and join colleagues across industries to talk about storytelling, effective communications, and writing for your brand.



Nailing Your Origin Story.

As you become more visible, you're going to have to answer the question, "How did you come up with the idea for this business?" Being able to quickly and clearly explain your journey is critical to your company's public perception. This talk will help leaders stop rambling and find a natural way to blend their professional journey with their mission, values, and vision for the future.


Humanizing Your Brand.

While we all understand the power of story, we have difficulty figuring out how to apply it in a business context. So we hinge our messaging on facts, figures, and information, yet stand confused when our updated process and features don't sell. I'll break down why story and empathy are the keys to bridging the divide between you and your customers and how to create trust through transparency.


Becoming A Thought Leader.

At some point entrepreneurs feel called to lead beyond the walls of their business. This requires moving their message from what they sell to what they believe in. This talk will help attendees get clear on what they value, how they've done things differently, and why that matters. They'll leave with a framework to build their reputation, increase their following, and inspire action.


If you're interested in having me join your community, conference, or podcast, I'd love to connect. The best way to start this conversation is by sharing a few details about yourself and your needs in the form below.

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