what do you want to be known for?

what do you want to be known for?

We all crave authenticity. So why is it that those who publicly claim to be authentic and vulnerable tend to feel the least relatable? I want your brand to embody who you are. Show me your grit. Speak your difference. Share your story. These are the underpinnings of an unforgettable brand.


Simply generating more content won't enhance your credibility. But voicing what you believe in and daring to show up as yourself — not a carbon copy of someone else — is what will set you apart. Thought leaders have authority because people connect with what they think. 


I'll help you refine your point of view, package up your perspective, and weave your story into your message so that people can see themselves in you.

Whether you're going through a rebrand or ready to develop your signature talk, you'll leave with messaging that is unmistakingly your own and unabashadly expresses your value.


Story Session

While you may be itching to change your website copy or push out new content, if you don't have a message you're proud to share you simply won't share it.


The Story Session is an unearthing of sorts — over the course of 90 miuntes I ask critical questions that you may not have considered about your brand voice and message and allow you to pick my brain on all things storytelling, communications, and copywriting.

This is perfect for you if you've been struggling to weave your story into your brand message and connect with your audience while still sounding like yourself.

Coming out of your Story Session with more focus means you'll be able to easily communicate who you are, what you do, and why that matters to your people.


Message Accelerator

If you're ready to become more visible — launch your new service/product or secure more speaking engagements — knowing how to talk about your brand consistently and cohesively is critical.


The Message Accelerator is my version of a VIP Day. The focus is completely on you. The momentum is created with you. And the messaging is developed specifically for you.

We'll audit your current copy, map out your core messages, and develop specific content themes to showcase your subject matter expertise.

At the end of the day you'll walk away with a brand origin story, key marketing messages, multiple bios, a pitch kit, and a library of on-brand content starters to get your message out into the world. You'll learn how to harness your unique brand voice and you'll move from knowing what to say to knowing how to say it — cutting out the indecision that comes when your fingers hit the keyboard — so you can confidently ask for opportunities and sales.

Why wait weeks when you have immediate needs? This service provides you with deliverables that would otherwise require hiring a brand strategist, publicist, and copywriter. Let's keep it simple.


Website Copywriting

Writing about ourselves is just plain hard. Instead of avoiding the task altogether or providing a disclaimer every time someone mentions your website — "Oh just ignore what's there. I need to update it so badly!" — outsource your writing.


It's important to know that no one can sound like you before getting to know you first. That's why all copywriting engagements include the Message Accelerator.

In addition to receiving copy that's an accurate and compelling representation of your brand's value, your vision will be aligned with your public perception. That means you can spend your time calling people in, not second guessing how you'll come across.


"The more questions you asked the more of me I was able to access — parts I simply didn't bring to the forefront. Vital parts. MIND BLOWN."


"Since working with Kim I've become less resistant and more clear when it comes to writing. She helped me to create buckets of content, which provided me focus on the intersection of my personal story, my brand story, and my clients' stories."


"If you need someone to hear your story and pick out the pieces that matter to your ideal client, Kim will help you do that. Her way with words and outside perspective are pure gold!"


Case Studies

I work with the leaders behind the brands — those who want their work to mean something, who want to leave a legacy, and who want to live a big, bold life.

Reach out for my pricing, signature process, and current availability.