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range: a virtual supper club

RANGE [noun]
entrepreneur dinner party

1: the extent to which variation is possible
2: a cooktop area

It’s rare to find a business, marriage, or friendship whose origin story doesn’t trace back to late nights spent lingering around a table. There’s something about leaving the day behind to focus only on what’s at hand—solo tasking at its finest.

Of course we no longer move through the world in the same way.

Covid-19 has physically separated us while checkboxes like profession, race, and location have driven us toward what’s familiar. It’s clear to thrive in uncertainty we must expand our notion of community.

But, if we’re honest, what spaces have ever been set up to develop meaningful relationships with those outside of our first degree connections? Think of the frenzied networking events you’ve walked into with a goal to accomplish or the awkward coffee dates that didn’t result in the connection you were hoping for.


what is range?

Range is the opportunity to step out of our silos, break bread, and share stories while creating new ones.

It’s the place to connect independent of our job titles and explore the breadth of what brings us to life.

Each event will have a designated theme and will be limited to 8 attendees in order to facilitate deep, authentic conversations—the ones that turn personal relationships into professional opportunities.

We all want connection. Many of us are just waiting for an invitation.

Here’s yours.


What to Expect

  • An opportunity to show up as yourself in a relaxed, judgement-free environment.
  • An event theme that allows each guest to add to the conversation and share their story.
  • New members of your network to expand the diversity of your personal and professional circles.
  • Ideas and input on how to move forward and collaborate in new and exciting ways.

What's Included

  • A curated box, delivered to your doorstep, full of independently sourced items to support the event's theme.
  • 2-hour conversation and company with a curated group of 5-8 individuals.
  • Detailed guest list with contact information to facilitate ongoing dialogue, build friendships, and forge professional collaborations.



Award Seat

We believe that everyone has something to bring to the conversation, which is why we aim to keep our virtual table as diverse as possible. However, we also recognize that the cost associated may be a barrier for some. This is why we offer one award seat per event. Please note, awardees will not be publicly acknowledged as such to maintain privacy and equity around the table. See application for more details.




July 23, 2020

7:00 pm EST

Light My Fire: We'll share the lessons we've learned from 2020 and how we plan to live more intentionally (and joyfully) in the future.

September 22, 2020

7:00 pm EST

Adventure Awaits: Bring your best travel stories + bucket list trips as we crowdsource our post-Covid itineraries.

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