98: Are Multipassionates Destined To Pivot?

PoP podcast episode 98 quote

When you’re a person with multiple interests life can feel like you’re constantly going against the grain. Society tells you to “find your true calling” and “choose one thing” when you’re juggling the ten open tabs in your brain.

If you’ve ever wondered if you have too many interests and are struggling to make sense of all the pieces of you, this episode is worth a listen.

On the last solo episode of 2020 I share:

  • What it’s like to pursue callings in very different fields,
  • Why defining your personal brand by your titles is ineffective,
  • The myth of finding your passion, and
  • Understanding which interests deserve to show up in your work and which ones don’t.



  • When you have lots of interests it can feel confusing on what to lead with professionally.
  • Our education system builds and encourages specialists, which doesn’t give us the permission to explore the many interests we have.
  • Passions change. Your natural abilities remain the same.
  • Only when you remove unnecessary clutter and noise can you become more self-aware.


“Multipassionates may need focus. But we may just need a container to see where all of our interests fit into our lives.”

“There aren’t enough models of people doing one thing well and then strategically deciding to do another thing and doing that well too.”

“2020 has uncovered a lot for us. It’s made me prioritize, allow myself to more clearly understand how I feel about my work, and strip back unnecessary layers.”

“Maybe you don’t have 5-year goals or the 10-year vision. Maybe you don’t want to because it feels too limiting.”

“When we pivot, how much of the time is it because the internal work doesn’t feel right and how much of the time is it that our external messaging is off?”