96: Stop Doing Shit You Hate

Pattern of Purpose episode 96 quote

2020 was a year that brought us up close and personal with what drains us and what brings us energy. Slowing down from the rapid pace of life we were used to has made us realize how much of our day is spent doing things that we don’t enjoy. It’s brought into question whether we’re fulfilling our true potential or not.

Even when we fill our days with the things that we’re good at we miss out on doing the things that we’re great at. On this episode I urge you to consider what it could look like if you only said yes to those things that fit squarely in your zone of genius?

I also cover:

  • Why we slip into patterns of doing things we don’t want to do (even when we know better),
  • The danger of getting stuck in our zone of excellence,
  • How to identify your zone of genius, 
  • How experiencing flow can inspire and direct your message, and
  • A helpful prompt to identify what’s keeping you stuck.



  • When things feel effortless we need to pay attention, not dismiss them.
  • When you find your zone of genius you’ll realize you don’t have to slog through work anymore.
  • Your flow state is when you’re enjoying the process, have a high level of mastery, and the work is fun, exhilarating, and meaningful.
  • Your enjoyment is linked to your profitability.
  • Our passions can change over time.


"When people look to us as leaders, what does it mean when we say, ‘I don’t know?’"

"We forget we have a choice. We forget that making that choice can be the difference between feelings trapped in our business or being excited by it."

"We spend so much time figuring out how to relate to other people that we forget how we relate to ourselves."

"Don’t mistake easy as invaluable."

"When you’re spending a lot of time on things you don’t enjoy it’s likely you aren’t reaching your potential - financial, emotional, occupational."