95: The Inner Game of Leadership

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 95

As a rising fashion PR professional, Crosby Noricks spent years in environments where she was told her skills and time weren’t of value, often being passed over for the latest and greatest intern. After pouring her creative energies into a side business—one that blossomed into PR Couture—she now provides thousands of women hard won industry and leadership lessons.

We spend our time talking about why we’re tricked into thinking being a leader means having it all figured out—how we’ve both learned to take risk and lean into the vulnerability of the unknown. As the conversation unfolds, we uncover what it means to be in a season of getting quiet with ourselves after a season of searching for answers with the next coach or strategist.

We also discuss:

  • The elusive search for a mentor,
  • Responsible risk taking as the head of a business and a home,
  • Forcing readiness, and
  • Shifting our focus from systems and strategy to self-awareness and self-trust.


Crosby Noricks is the founder of PR Couture, the industry-leading career platform and sourcebook for communication professionals ready to lead with authority, and get paid accordingly. Her vision, expertise and accessibility have allowed her to connect with, educate, mentor and support professionals and brands internationally, for more than a decade.

Known for fostering a non-competitive environment that invites collaboration over competition, each month more than 100k professionals connect with PR Couture across site, social and email. Each year, Crosby supports the personal and professional growth of experienced boutique agency owners through the PR Couture Council, her annual small-business mastermind.

Beyond her work at PR Couture, Crosby has designed and taught university curriculum spanning fashion public relations, personal branding and marketing/promotions, and occasionally takes on content, social media and copywriting projects for expert and lifestyle brands. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies from San Diego State University and graduated with honors from Pitzer College with a combined degree in Media Studies and Gender/Feminist Studies. She lives in San Diego with her partner and young son.


  • The big question we need to be asking ourselves is: Out of everything I could do right now, what can I commit to?
  • Most marketing structures and business models work if we work in alignment with them.
  • Everything that ends up happening happens because we created a connection with another human being, not because of the work.
  • There’s value on the periphery when you aren’t doing things the same as someone else.


"There were many times I was promised this magical mentorship where someone would take me under their wing."

"So often we’re nervous and focused on proving ourselves and not necessarily thinking about a mutual fit but 'pick me, pick me!'”

"One of the bigger realizations that has come to me has been how willing we are to give our power into the hands of a system, a coach, a framework. We think that if we just find the right order, put the blocks together in the right way we will build what we want to build."

"Of all the things I could do, of all the ways I want to show up, what can I commit to consistently day after day in this season of life?"

"For me fashion was never about the industry or the runway. It was about ‘who do I want to show up as today?’"