94: Why 'Customized To You' Isn't A Unique Selling Point

PoP episode 94 show notes

When I ask my clients what makes their service unique, I always hear, “What I provide isn’t a template—it’s customized to you.” If my people are saying this, yours are probably too. This begs the question: is it really unique if everyone’s doing it?

In this episode I’m talking about an unexpected outcome of the over-customization allure—one that leads us straight down the path to burnout.

I’m also talking about:

  • How we’ve tricked ourselves into believing templates aren’t valuable,
  • More effective selling points than “customized,” and
  • Seeing the value in less.


  • When clients are and aren’t looking for personalization in their purchase.


  • One-size-fits most solutions are perfectly acceptable, especially when they’re priced right.


  • To differentiate your brand, you must explain what’s valuable about customization.


"No one is selling one-size-fits-all, so positioning counter to that isn’t productive."

"When we tell ourselves we need to change something for an individual client or group we need to assess whether it’s actually necessary or are we tweaking just to try to be unique."

"I realized the details and logistics and extra questions I was bringing more to my engagements could actually be overcomplicating things."