92: Turning Up The Volume On Your Unpopular Opinion

PoP podcast episode 92 show notes

When we hear someone say something out loud that most people only think it makes us uncomfortable. But it also draws in those who think: YES, FINALLY someone is saying it!

So if this works — if it grabs attention and differentiates — why aren’t we spreading our opinions more frequently?

On this episode I answer that question and others, including:

  • How to uncover your own unpopular opinion,
  • Moving past what you’re against to voice what you’re for,
  • The important connection between your opinion and your path to thought leadership, and
  • Why it’s important to anticipate controversy.


  • Your unpopular opinion is essential to your positioning.
  • When you’re steeped in an industry’s commonly held beliefs, diverging from that will feel uncomfortable.
  • The goal is not to avoid disagreement and conflict. When you expect it, it won’t surprise you.
  • Your opinion doesn’t have to be negatively framed to be unique to you.
  • Prompts to uncover your unpopular opinion (credit: Denise Brosseau):
    • What’s wrong? | What’s right?
    • What doesn’t work? | What does work?
    • What sabotages success? | What supports success?
    • What compromised performance? | What supports performance?
    • What hurts? | What helps?


"This was the one that grabbed people — when I was speaking the truth. When I was emotional. When I was unwavering in my opinion." - Kim Wensel

"When I think about thought leaders I respect and want to emulate, rarely are these people aiming to teach me how to do something. They’re teaching me how to think about something." - Kim Wensel

"If you’re hesitant it’s because you’re onto something good." - Kim Wensel

“When we are petrified of criticism or are in need of constant approval, we simply can’t play big. We can’t innovate, share controversial ideas, or pursue our unique paths.” - Tara Mohr