89: If You're Overwhelmed, Your Clients Are Probably Underwhelmed

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Why say more when less will do? Well, because it’s easier. Sending all of your information to your clients up front may help you feel more accomplished, but it won’t necessarily create a better client experience.

When we’re adapting to new schedules, experiencing business and life changes, and evolving our brands it can feel like the only way to stay above water is to track every task ourselves. But even when we’re checking items off our list, our clients aren’t automatically protected from our overwhelm.

Today Megan Pollard of We Choose Joy and Michelle Lindsay of Michelle Lindsay Photography are joining me to talk about how to get your life back while still meeting your ambitious business goals and wowing your clients.

On this episode we discuss:

  • The most common business communication mistakes,
  • What the difference between the customer experience and customer journey is,
  • How to help your prospects say yes, and
  • The surprising reason systems make your business feel more personalized to each client.


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Megan Pollard is a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant focused on leadership development, operational function, customer experience, innovative strategy, and company culture.

Michelle Lindsay is a fine art, legacy wedding & portrait photographer based in Leesburg, Virginia.


People buy from businesses who communicate most clearly.

The only way to scale is to have systems in place.

If a client is confused we’ve failed at setting proper expectations.

Knowing what to communicate isn’t enough. You’ve also got to know when, how, and why.


Having systems in place is the difference between being an operator and an owner.

We become entrepreneurs in search for freedom and somehow we end up becoming chained to our desks.

With any company that has a great customer experience, it boils down to one key word: consistency.

If you’re feeling so under water that the only option seems to be to hire someone else, go through the customer experience process first.