88: Owning Your Identity Through An Evolution

PoP Episode 88_Erica Courdae (2)

Entrepreneurs understand that one year can feel like seven. We learn lessons fast and hard, which means our businesses are constantly evolving. But evolving can feel uncomfortable — like our ideas are laid out on the table without any rhyme or reason.

Erica Courdae knows this feeling intimately. She’s back on the show to reflect on being propelled into the spotlight earlier this year and how important it was to have consistency in her message, positioning, and owning her multifaceted identity during this time.

On this episode, Erica and I discuss:

  • What it’s like to get an influx of new followers and prospects on your channels overnight;
  • How strong the urge can be to water down your message for fear of being too much;
  • The power of having a strong and accurate bio;
  • Why every leader, no matter their expertise, needs someone to help them see their greater potential.


Erica Courdae is a consultant, podcast host, and beauty salon owner who has dedicated her life to using conversation as a tool for social change. In her consulting practice, she encourages CEOs to fearlessly lead through their values, specifically as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As a certified coach and trusted advisor, Erica’s work has taken her across the country speaking on stages at Alt Summit and RebelleCon, featured on international podcasts like Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, and educating through workshops hosted by Being Boss and Tara McMullin’s What Works community.


If you’re feeling uncomfortable, you’re probably in the middle of growth.

Working with someone who thinks differently than you is vastly underestimated.

Sharing your strongest point of view and convictions gives people a reason to listen to you.


You made it safe to be all of the things that have made me.

People underestimate the power of words and the way they can connect.

You know what you know because it lives in your head, but not everyone else knows it that way.

People are afraid of what they don’t know because of what it might mean that they don’t know it.