87: Social Worker to Storyteller: The Nonlinear Career Advantage

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 87 quote

Sources tell me there are some magical unicorns out there who chose a career at 17, studied that field, and seamlessly grew a multi-six-figure empire by 27. That was not me. And I’m guessing it wasn’t you either.

As a multi-passionate my career has twists and turns that I used to be ashamed of. It wasn’t until I owned my story and stopped trying to adopt someone else’s that I became clear on my unique value.

On this episode I share:

  • Why it’s hard to build a reputation for yourself when you’re shifting focus every few years,
  • How to identify important through lines in your experience, 
  • The reason telling your story can liberate your audience, and
  • How to use your journey to differentiate yourself from others in your industry.


You don’t have to reinvent yourself to start something new.

Your skill set is applicable to what you’re doing now; you just have to identify HOW.

When you’re trying to cover up your journey, you can’t fully let others in.


It almost never turns out like we imagined, but I promise the textures and layers of your story are what make you stand out.

When you can tell your story of change and transition and self-acceptance, you can help others do the same.

The very nature of a non-linear career gives us an advantage.

The curse of the multi-passionate: we’re too varied to sum up neatly.