85: You've Launched. Now What?

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 85 cover art

After a launch there’s a collective sigh of relief: we did it! But, as we all know, the launch is only the beginning. Consistent messaging is required to get in front of your audience and drive them back to your digital home.

On last week’s show I covered several important considerations you need to make before hiring a copywriter. This week I’m sharing what you need to take the beautiful words your copywriter delivers and use them as a guide for ongoing content.

On this episode I’m talking about:

  • Distinguishing between interesting content and relevant content,
  • The reason message themes will help you show up more frequently,
  • How to highlight your competitive advantage in your message, and
  • The easiest way to figure out which of your stories are relevant to share.


Key message themes support your brand bio, your elevator pitch, and the things you want to be known for.

Your people are looking at what others are doing and if you fail to consider that context, your message will not be compelling. 

You have to lead with passion and drive and if you don’t feel those things about what you’re saying, you’re probably veering off-brand.


Message themes unify your brand message. You’ll show up more consistently because you know what you should be talking about. 

It’s not about sharing every piece of your life but pinpointing which stories support your key messages.