83: The Stories That Shape Who We Are

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 83cover art

As pandemic fatigue has set in, we are faced with the possibility that life may continue as-is for the foreseeable future. Shifting from “new normal” rhetoric to conversations about connection, support, and vulnerability has become necessary for us to thrive through uncertainty.

On this deeply personal episode of Pattern of Purpose, I share reflections on the first Range supper club event, where 8 women gathered to talk about how 2020 has changed their outlook on work, life, and identity.

I also share a story from my childhood that has shaped how I react to stress. Uncovering this pattern has allowed me to more clearly understand my behavior and welcome calm into my life at a much needed juncture.

On this episode I explore:

  • What happened after opening up space on my calendar,
  • Purposefully being around people who think differently than you,
  • Over/under-functioning in response to day-to-day anxiety, and
  • How understanding my story has allowed me to move through it.


Trigger warning: this episode contains sensitive content, including domestic violence.


Follow the things that scare you.

Only when you slow down can you consider things like structure, communication, and boundaries.

There are small things in your story that motivate you to work and live as you do today.


I don’t focus on the persona, I focus on the person.

When we introduce ourselves, we always lead with what we do — it’s about proving.

What I want is a way of existence — to focus on what will happen next and not what the final result will be.