82: Rediscovering Who You Are By Taking A Pause Moment

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 82 cover art

Constantly churning out work doesn’t allow for breathing room. Just like you can’t sit down at the computer and force an idea out, you can’t innovate under pressure. So if you want to grow, you’ve got to give yourself space to think.

Recording this episode on the heels of a much needed vacation, I’m back with some thoughts on how our work should support our lives, not the other way around. Jumping back into a routine after seven days of sun and sand was difficult and pushed me to consider how a routine was serving me...or not.

On this episode I reflect on:

  • How time away from my inbox reminded me of the way I want to be spending my days,
  • The reason doing rather than being stifles our creativity,
  • Why Covid-19 requires us to start with a blank state, and
  • What changes I’m making to the podcast due to this newfound awareness.


Balance isn’t possible in a world with Covid.

Hobbies and down time are essential to have as the owner of your brand.

Black and white thinking is a trap.

The human experience doesn’t need to be overly complicated.