79: What's In It For Me?

Pattern of Purpose episode 79 cover art

Effective communication is about relevance. It’s about centering what you want to say with what others think, know, and feel. I’ve been at this work for a while; long enough to know why some messages stick and others go unheard.

On this episode I’m leading you through how to shift your communication from the “me” show to something that deeply resonates with your audience and holds their attention. Even if you consider yourself a good writer or a good communicator, you might be surprised at where you’re falling short when you’re asking someone to take an action.

After listening you’ll know:

  • The two questions you must ask yourself every time you’re crafting a message,
  • What to ask to better prepare yourself for speaking engagements,
  • Where I see people misuse personal stories,
  • Why listing features encourages consumers to price shop, and
  • How to more effectively pitch yourself for new opportunities.


For someone to care, your story has to be relevant.

If you just list what’s included in what you’re offering, all you’re doing is encouraging price shopping.

It is so easy to tune out right now; in order to be heard right now you have to step into your audience’s life and the context in which they’re operating.

You don’t have to start at the beginning to share your story.


Interesting is not the same as effective.

Messaging for influence is different than simply speaking.

When you encourage people to price shop, they’re going to come to you with questions about what’s included, not, “How’s my life going to change?”