78: Leading With My Values—You Coming With Me?

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 78 cover art

For a long time I believed defining your values meant simply choosing a select few nouns to showcase on your website. Working for nonprofits for over ten years meant I adopted my organizations’ values as my own; their mission was mine—no question. As a business owner, I’ve realized this passive act of adoption isn’t enough.

If we’re not explicit with our values, we’re part of the problem. Frustration and belief alone won’t change anything. And values simply aren’t values if you only promote them when you’re faced with “allegations and accusations.”

This episode is my attempt at being forthcoming with what I believe in. I’m asking you to listen, consider how this aligns with what you believe, and whether you’ll join me—with unwavering uncertainty—to use your business as a force for change.

On this episode I share:

  • Why I was wrong in assuming naming and embedding my values in my messaging was a political act reserved only for activists,
  • How important it is that people see themselves reflected in the brands they buy from,
  • The resistance that can show up when you have strong opinions,
  • My four core values and how I plan to integrate them in my actions, and
  • How you can get support defining and aligning your values with your business practices.


We’re so focused on what we have to lose by taking a stand for what we believe in that we fail to see what we can gain.

Like attracts like.

Naming your values isn’t a political act.

You can’t assume other people know what you value.


What a privilege to not have to get clear on the things you value. What a privilege to not have to acknowledge them or state them.

Do you show up every day shedding your personal identity to put on your professional identity? If not, why are we separating our values from our businesses?

We have the ability to call people in based on what we believe.