77: Seeing The Opportunities Right in Front Of You

PoP episode 77 cover art

The upside of visioning is thinking big. The downside is focusing too much on the future. When we’re so intent on getting where we want to go we can’t clearly see the opportunities that have already opened up. 

On this episode, my client, Yully Ludena, joins me to talk about her journey from starting a business with nothing but $500 and a traveling massage table to building a successful therapeutic massage business right outside of the nation’s capital. 

Just one month before Covid-19 struck, Yully opened a brand new facility, expanded services and hired a new therapist. Yet, you’ll hear from this episode that she never doubted the future of her business. This positive perspective and practice of gratitude has helped her grow a roster of dedicated clients who consider her a healer and friend.

On this episode Yully and I discuss:

  • Growing a business with a service mindset,
  • The perspective her Peruvian childhood gave her on adjusting to challenging times,
  • How she found success without looking for it, and
  • The importance of developing a practice to recharge from emotionally and/or physically demanding work.


Yully Ludena is a nationally certified massage therapist with certifications in medical, advanced sport, TMJ, and lymphatic drainage massage and specialities in deep tissue and trigger point therapy. She leads the Yulli Therapeutic team, facilitating a culture of joy, and helping her patients incorporate massage to improve their lifestyle and overall health. From carrying her massage table to her clients’ homes in 2008 to opening a brand new studio in 2020—and every step along the way—Yully has grown a devoted book of clients who are drawn to her for her healing touch and contagious optimism.


You must pay attention when the universe gives you clues.

Covid-19 has forced us to take a break from our busy lives to reflect on our purpose.

Overthinking something never gets us the outcome we’re hoping for.


“When you work to make an impact on the world, success follows.”

“Healing starts from the inside out.”