74: What's Behind A Name?

Pattern of Purpose episode 74 cover art

Whether it’s a business, product, or podcast, naming is a highly personal process. The message your brand name sends is more powerful than any long-form content will ever be. It builds your reputation, sets the tone, and suggests what you do.

The brilliant part about having a strong name is that there tends to be a story behind it. That story is one you’ll share time again to bring meaning to your brand and connect with those you’re seeking.

On this special birthday episode I’m sharing:

  • How I came up with my business name, Pattern of Purpose;
  • Whether to name your brand your personal name or not;
  • Specific ways to share the meaning behind your brand’s name; and
  • The most important thing to know before naming anything.


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Unlike personal brands, many businesses are bought and sold. That’s a bit harder to do when your business is named after you.

By sharing the story behind your name, you bring meaning to your brand and connect to those you're seeking.

Make the implicit explicit. Explain why your named your business/product/podcast what you did.

If you're having difficult naming, consider if you're trying to create a name that covers too many offers that should be split apart.


“Although I made a major pivot in 2018, my mission hasn't wavered and the name has remained relevant."

"When we learn the story behind a brand, so much more falls into place. We understand the visual brand and messages more deeply."

"Don’t jump to the creative before you have clarity!"