70: Being a Magnet For Your People

Pattern of Purpose episode 70 cover art with Emma Hicks

High performers get it done. They’re the ones we see on the cover of magazines sharing their story of success. But the climb to the top is rarely broadcast. Emma Hicks joins me to share how she’s used her non-traditional story to attract women who are ready and willing to bet on themselves.

On this episode, Emma and I discuss:

  • What happens when you build a business to fill a void in your life,
  • Accepting that success isn’t always on the other side of hard work,
  • Why it’s so hard to see ourselves as others do,
  • How we make up stories to keep us from the things we really want, and
  • The importance of finding a space where you can fully be yourself.


Emma Hicks is the founder and brand manager of Camp Climb, and previous organizer and host of The Iowa Gathering. She also owned and operated Stew’s, a vintage storefront in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for four years before she and her husband, Spencer, returned to eastern Iowa, where they were both raised. Switching gears from small city to life on their rural hobby farm, Emma began a lifestyle blog called Main + Second, which led to the taping of an HGTV pilot show. Though the pilot did not get picked up by the network, the experience helped her reevaluate her personal and professional goals and she’s been on a path of self-discovery and personal wellbeing ever since.

Emma has always been passionate about pursuing her creativity and individuality and loves event planning and design. She is resourceful, hardworking and committed to family and community, which are values she instills in her three children. When she is not busy developing Camp Climb programs and social media outreach, Emma enjoys spending time and being present with her kids and being outdoors, surrounded by nature as often as possible. You can find her taking meandering road trips on the backroads, amateur gardening, or savoring a beer while soaking in a relaxing bath with whatever concoction of natural herbs and essential oils she has on hand.


Create the life you desire and your people will be drawn to you.

Compassion for self and others is an underrated business skill.

Your perspective will change as you evolve, as will your story.

Fear of isolation keeps us from achieving our wildest dreams.

Working hard will only get you so far.


“I knew I needed this community where you felt seen, you felt heard, you felt seen, you could have a deeper connection. I just didn’t know it would be with yourself.”

“We need three things: shelter, food, and compassion.”