68: Anniversary Episode: What I've Learned In One Year of Podcasting

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 68 cover art

There are so many things I’ve learned in the past year that no one was talking about when I launched this show. On this special anniversary episode, I’m an open book, answering questions you’ve submitted about podcasting. I’m detailing my lessons learned, cringeworthy moments, and how I’ve been able to show up to the mic each week to record.

On this episode my friend, Kate Farrall, interviews me for a change, asking:

  • Why I started a podcast,
  • How my goals have shifted since episode one,
  • Whether download numbers matter (or not),
  • The cost to produce the show,
  • How many clients I’ve gotten from the show,
  • What I would do differently, and
  • The number one question everyone needs to ask before starting a podcast.


This isn't a technical “how to start a podcast" episode, but rather focuses on how to strategically decide whether podcasting is a smart decision for your business—and, if so—understanding how that fits into your marketing ecosystem.

Questions include:

  • Why did you start a podcast?
  • How have your goals shifted since starting it?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re giving away too much for free?
  • How many clients have hired you from the podcast?
  • How many downloads do you have?
  • How can you qualify or quantify the impact of the podcast on your business?
  • What’s the cost of podcasting?
  • How can someone make sure podcasting is sustainable when they start a show?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What are the different ways you can structure your podcast?