67: Creating Communication Structures To Improve The Customer Experience

Pattern of Purpose podcast episode 67 cover art

While your reputation begins with your messaging, it doesn’t end there. Crafting your customer experience is vital, especially when working with busy people. Laura Matteson joins me to talk about how she wrangles big ideas through a structured workflow, allowing clients to feel ease even when they’re unsure of what the end product will look like.

On this episode, Laura and I discuss:

  • Marketing a service to people that they don’t even realize they need,
  • Balancing efficiency with a human touch,
  • The distinctions between project customization and personalization,
  • The importance of structure in the creative process, and
  • Why over delivering may actually be backfiring in your business.


Laura Matteston is the mother of two young girls and owner of Illustrative, where she helps mompreneurs visually untangle their ideas so they can communicate more clearly with themselves, their dream clients and their team. When she’s not mommying or CEOing, she’s probably watching comedy with her husband or reading from my giant stack of library books.