63: Becoming A Peak Performer Starts With The First Step

Pattern of Purpose podcast 63 cover art

Introvert or extrovert, when you work in the business of supporting other people, you’ve got to be on your game. And yet we often struggle to show up that way when we’re depleted ourselves. Brett Eaton joins me to talk about how to avoid spending every day wishing for the weekend and the secret behind those people who always seem to have pep in their step.

On this episode, Brett and I discuss:

  • Facing fear and how it builds up when we avoid it;
  • Why being good at something isn’t the same as being fulfilled by it;
  • Who you have to become to reach your goals;
  • The importance of filling your own tank when you work in a people-centric role; and
  • Why Brett’s so into cold showers, routines, and sharing when he struggles.


Brett Eaton is an expert in motivation and the owner of the inspirational brand, “Motivated By Brett.” As a Peak Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker, Brett knows exactly how to get you from wishing, wanting, and waiting, to taking imperfect action, sticking to daily commitments, and finally feeling successful. His mission is to get you to a happier and healthier lifestyle by spreading his positive message and knowledge on wellness, mindset, and daily habits.