61: Why Business in 2020 Requires Us To Be Vulnerable + Visible

Pattern of Purpose episode 61 cover art

With more competition than ever, all businesses—whether locally based or virtual—need to be sure their brand experience is reflected in person and online. Putting out content is no longer enough. People want to align with the humans and values behind a brand. If you’ve been resistant to share what you stand for, India Jackson is here to guide you through it.

On this episode, India and I discuss:

  • The reason every business needs an online and offline marketing presence,
  • The mistake that cost Blockbuster their existence,
  • Why many marketing formulas are failing us, and
  • Tips for showing up when you aren’t used to being on screen.


India Jackson loves disrupting the way people view visibility and ultimately themselves. She is a published photographer. Award-winning bodybuilder, has a degree in art and design and has spoken on multiple stages. As the CEO of flaunt your fire and host of its podcast since 2008 her team has provided consulting, marketing strategy, photography, training, social media management and branding services to companies like Christian Dior, six-figure coaches, and professional athletes. Stepping out of the societal box, this team applies an unapologetically authentic approach to branding and visibility that begins from the inside out.