55: How Developing a Wealth Mentality Can Inspire Your Audience and Increase Your Prices

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There are four topics we’re all conditioned to not talk about: sex, religion, politics, and MONEY. We’ll leave the first three alone (for now), but we need to be engaging in conversations about money continuously if we want to have highly profitable businesses. Jereshia Hawk joins me to bust some money myths and share advice for selling high ticket services.

On this episode, Jereshia and I discuss:

  • Learning business principles while climbing the corporate ladder,

  • An important distinction between being rich and building wealth,

  • The shame many of us feel about our desire to make a lot of money,

  • The importance of separating your identity from your business, and

  • Advice for hiring a team while developing a company culture.


Jereshia Hawk went from leading $400 million pipeline projects as an engineer to doubling her corporate salary and quitting her job within 18 months of starting her business. She teaches coaches and service providers proven corporate strategies to package their expertise into a signature service and start their own six-figure plus business online.

She has helped hundreds of CEOs start, grow, and leverage coaching businesses that range from generating $4,000 - $25,000 a month through her signature program, Services That Sell.


6:50 - Jereshia describes how she was climbing the corporate ladder when friends and colleagues began asking for her coaching.

9:21 - Jereshia shares her decision to treat her side hustle as a proper business.

16:10 - Jereshia explains the important reason she doesn’t view her business as her “baby.”

18:53 - Jereshia describes how her fiance first introduced her to the difference between being rich and building wealth.

20:59 - Jereshia shares what she believes money will allow her to do, personally and for her community.

25:33 - Jereshia points out how fear of money and investing can hold us back in business.

30:46 - I ask Jereshia how travel has helped grow her business.

34:21 - Jereshia talks about hiring, building a company culture, and figuring out what kind of support you need.

38:44 - I ask Jereshia what she’s most excited about in 2020.