29: A Designer's Perspective


Ever wonder what your designer is considering when translating your mood board to your brand look and feel? Join me for a sneak peek on a designer’s journey from inspiration to conceptualization with creative, Casey Renae.

Casey Renae is a graphic designer, speaker, podcaster, and head of Snipes Design Agency. Take one glimpse at her IG stories and you’ll see what inspires her creativity.

While I’ve had many designers on the show before, Casey is the first to really peel back the layers of what goes into design. Stepping away from the screen and starting each project simply with pen and paper, she is intentional about what influences her, resulting in truly unique designs.

On this episode we discuss:

  • How she helps her clients articulate what they’re looking for;

  • Growing from solopreneur to agency;

  • The design pieces you need, beyond a logo and website;

  • Why she creates two mood boards for each client;

  • A quick glimpse into color theory; and

  • Why you should be branding for your future business, not the present.