27: Hosting a Retreat


Nine months ago I got the idea to gather like-minded business women in a house in the mountains, talking business, balance, and growth. Never could I have predicted how this experience would challenge me, uncover my gifts, and fortify deeply meaningful relationships.

On the heels of my first retreat -- the Back to Business Retreat -- I sat down and hit record to reflect on what it’s like to host a retreat and how it’s changed me and my business forever.

While I pride myself on always telling it like it is, I’ve never before shared in such a tell-all way as I am in this episode.

On this episode I’m sharing:

  • Why I was called to host a retreat for female business owners;

  • Partnering, planning, and launching the retreat;

  • What attendees were looking for and the deep, unexpected lessons they came away with;

  • What it meant for me to be pushed over the edge of my comfort zone; and

  • 10 tips for anyone considering hosting a retreat.


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Venue: Retreat at Cool Spring

Chef: Perfect Little Bites

Yoga + Meditation Practice: The Daily Vinyasa

Brand Photographer: Mighty Within