24: Asking for Help + Hiring


Making your first hire is an exciting and terrifying opportunity.
For those of us who are control freaks, it feels risky to trust someone else
to carry out our personal vision. But take it from me: you’ll never be
able to grow if you’re spreading yourself too thin.

On this episode, I had my own first hire, Kristiina Craven, join us. Kristiina is a marketing and visibility strategist who helps small business owners get visible by determining the best channels to leverage and reach their target market. Based in Denver, Colorado, where she lives with her husband, two kids, and two dogs, she works as a virtual professional with clients around the world.

On this show we’re discussing:

  • What a VA is;

  • Where to find talent and how to convey your highest needs;

  • Giving effective direction, communication, and feedback;

  • The importance of documenting systems;

  • Niching down; and

  • Gaining more visibility for your business.