23: Writing About Yourself


Does your website copy sound like you? Feel like you? If not, Jacq Fisch is here to help you drop all the awkward feelings you have about writing about yourself,
so you can better connect with your audience and sound like the expert you are.

Jacqueline Fisch is a copywriter, strategist, and writing coach for business owners who want to sound human while they change the world. She helps them ditch the jargon so they can relate to and connect with their perfect clients using engaging online copy that sells.

On today’s show, Jacq and I have a blast talking about:

  • Her extended journey to full-time entrepreneurship,

  • What it means to ditch fussy writing,

  • How to successfully write your own copy,

  • Getting comfortable with B- work, and

  • Her Write Like a MoFo Community,


Jacq also was generous enough to provide all listeners with a free copy of her Website Copy Pat Down Guide.


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Prompts to Write About Yourself:

- I started this business because…

- What lights me up?

- I do this work because…

- People disagree with me, but I believe…

- When I sit down with a new client I feel like this…

- I love this work because…

- The theme song for my life right now is…

- When I’m not working, this is where you’ll find me...