19: What Authenticity Really Means


We’re all told to be our authentic selves. But what does that really mean?
And how much of a balance should we be aiming for between the highlight
reel and behind the scenes?

Today’s guest, Shelley Easter, and I are pushing back on today’s buzzwords like ‘be yourself’ and ‘show up authentically,’ to dig into what clients really need to see and hear to be attracted to your business.

Shelley is a graphic and web designer, digital marketing strategist, and owner of the web design company, Launch Party. She makes bright and bold online presences for small businesses in both service industries and e-commerce.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to shape and translate the personality of your brand;

  • The interplay between your personal brand and your business;

  • Showing up on social media;

  • Researching your audience to find out what they want to hear; and

  • Posting the type of work that you want to attract.


“We think it’s great to share more private stuff because it makes us real and connects with people, but setting up boundaries and thinking about how you want to portray yourself is really important.”


“Yes, you can be an introvert and still have a bold web presence.”


“Your brand gets its own personality. It doesn’t have to be a copy of your personality.”


“It’s about how you would talk to your target market, not necessarily how you may talk about things.”


“Once I started making my design a lot bolder and creating a more curated look for my brand, I’ve gotten a lot more inquiries looking for that.”


“Giving people too many choices confuses them.”


“I ask people, ‘Where do you want to be in five years?’ That helps me figure out how to use my clients’ website strategically to get them where they want to go.”