17: The Spouse Behind the Business


What do you get when you take a boozy brunch, add business talk, and get the kids to nap? In my case, I was able to convince my husband, Brent, to join
me on the show. Listen in as we talk about balance, support, and
prioritizing when growing a business and family.

I started my first business two months after Brent and I were married. A baby followed just over a year later. It’s been seven years since this crazy season began and to mark the occasion we’re reflecting on what’s worked and what hasn’t worked so well.

In addition to being my other half, Brent Wensel is a land acquisitions manager for a home builder in the Washington metropolitan area. He started his career as an economist and launched his own career shift to real estate when our first child was born.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How easy it is to prioritize work when building a business;

  • The importance of having a support person;

  • Guilt related to the time spent working instead of with family;

  • When your family doesn’t understand your business;

  • The role of hobbies and shared interests; and

  • What we’re doing to make more time for each other.


Just to keep it completely real, our daughter makes a short appearance in this episode when she unexpectedly wakes up early from her nap. #reallife


“When the business is in addition to the normal day-to-day obligations, the relationship that is often neglected is the one of husband and wife.”


“For me the hardest thing is carving out the time where we don’t talk about work or we don’t have the kids in the way.”


“I think, in a lot of ways, what works for us is being opposites.”


“It’s important when someone has an idea that’s interesting and hasn’t been done before. I don’t think you should just be like, ‘Don’t quit your job’ or ‘You shouldn’t focus your attention on that because that’s not the way things are done.’”


“Kim will tell you we met almost 15 years ago and it took me seven years to ask her to marry me. So, yeah, I don’t like to take risks. Getting married was probably my biggest risk, but hey, it’s paid off.”


“Our daughter’s creative. She wants to sing and dance all the time. And I think it’s important for her to see that mommy is building something. That’s an important life lesson.”


“You’ve got to pivot and adjust if you’re not getting the time you need with your business some days. But also, I guess, realize that sometimes your kids need you more or something else needs you more.”


LinkedIn: Brent Wensel