16: Pricing Your Work


How you price your work is a reflection of your brand. So why is it that
we compare our work quality to those charging much more than us
but are hesitant to price accordingly?

Never one to shy away from telling it like it is, I talk openly about my own pricing challenges, money mindset, and practical ways you can think about pricing for your knowledge and expertise.

On this episode, specifically, I cover:

  • How I learned to think about money as a child;

  • Learning to equate money with hard work;

  • The psychology behind spending;

  • My experience working for free;

  • How to price your work; and

  • Listing prices on your website.


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“Pricing is as much a reflection of your brand as your color palette.”


“A lot my pricing was tied up in the confidence that I felt and was projecting because I hadn’t done that exact job before. I was terrified to charge more because of that.”


“There was shame around having more than just what you need to make ends meet.”


“We’re trying to make sure we feel good about the investment we’ve made, so any chance possible we’re reinforcing ourselves with messages that pat ourselves on the back, saying we made the right decision.”


“People don’t value free.”


“Tell me why I should feel good about spending money with you.”


“I was so afraid of the no that I never put myself in a situation where I would hear it.”


“You can pretty much justify any price if you’re clear about the value you provide.”


“I’ve heard people say to ignore what your competitors are doing. But the truth is, our customers are price shopping and it’s important to keep industry pricing in mind.”


“Be clear about what steps you need to take to get your clients what they’re looking for. And price accordingly.”