15: Increasing Traffic Through SEO


Many people are talking about SEO but few break down what you should expect from your efforts. [Hint: you’re in it for the long-game.] My guest, Meg Casebolt, joins me for part two of our conversation about how you can intentionally
create content that increases your search rankings and drives people to you
based on your expertise.

Meg and I had so much to talk about that we split our conversation into two episodes. Last week we discussed how much you really need to be doing to get enough eyes on your business to fill your books.

On this episode, we’re moving into the nuts and bolts of SEO for your business. We discuss:

  • Whether web designers incorporate SEO into their process;

  • Keyword stuffing;

  • How you should approach content creation that’s SEO friendly;

  • When you should expect results from SEO; and

  • Tips on how to create content that search engines love.


“If you’re going surface level across everything, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to rank and be found for that.”


“Do you know why I specialize in SEO? Because, as a web designer, nobody taught me how to do it and I had clients who were spending a lot of money with me and then they didn’t have any leads coming from it.”


“Write something that people want to read.”


“My favorite thing about getting traffic from search engines is that you don’t have to be constantly creating content.”


“SEO is a long-term strategy where it’s going to take a while to get you to the point of being found. But once you’re found, you own it for a while.”


“Clear beats clever every time.”


“Everything can turn into a blog post because somebody is searching for it somewhere.”


“Go deep. Tell stories. Writing in depth is becoming a lost art form. And Google recognizes that.”