14: Permission To Not Do It All


Those people that stand out are usually the ones who say the things we’re thinking but aren’t brave enough to admit. They go against the grain unapologetically. And they’ve reached success not because they’ve followed the masses, but because they’ve cultivated their own point of view.

This is how I found Meg Casebolt. I reached out to her one spring Saturday morning after reading her blog post titled, How Much Traffic Does Your Website Really Need? It spoke to me so deeply in this season where I’m choosing to intentionally build a business that feels good, even when that doesn’t reflect what the “experts” are telling us to do.

Meg is an SEO specialist, digital strategist and founder of Megabolt Digital. She helps female entrepreneurs succeed online by helping them get found on Google then turning readers into customers, all by using custom strategies that fit them better than Catwoman’s suit (without the wedgie).

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Self-awareness that goes into pivoting in your career;

  • Overwhelm that stems from the entrepreneurial culture of advice;

  • How much traffic your website needs for you to book up;

  • When you need a sophisticated sales funnel; and

  • Figuring out your marketing and automation plan based on your business vision.


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“You do not need to get a million hits on your site. You just need the right people to find you.”


“The internet is full of pockets of people who are very specific about what they do and don’t like. You just need to find your people and call them to you.”


“We don’t want to broadcast the mistakes we’re making, but those are the things that people resonate with. People don’t always want to hear about the $10,000 you made when you blinked.”


“We’re being fed messages from a million different sources and all of them are giving us advice that works for them. It’s a culture of advice as a business.”


“There is a dark side to having too much traffic.”


“If you’re a plumber and someone is Googling you saying their kitchen is flooded, they don’t want to sit through seven emails. They just want to hire you!”


“I was so frustrated with newer entrepreneurs who don’t need that volume of traffic getting overwhelmed, getting frustrated, and going into debt to get the right software in place.”


“If you need five leads a month you don’t need automation to do all the work for you. You can just write back to their emails. It doesn’t make you less professional.”


“Part of their copy technique is to say, ‘If you do it this way you’ll be successful.’ And then implying if you don’t you won’t be successful. And that’s just not the case.”


“Everyone starts at zero.”


“Word of mouth is always the best way to gain someone’s trust.”


“Clients who love you will help you get found.”