13: Your Signature Style


Personal stylists. You might just think these are for the rich and famous.
But you’d be mistaken. In fact, how you dress has a significant impact on
how your brand is received and how confident you feel pitching yourself.

Nicole Otchy is a personal stylist and personal branding consultant who helps women express who they are and who they are becoming through their wardrobes. She loves showing women how to use their clothes as a tool to feel confident and powerful as they build their businesses and brands so they can spread their message with ease and impact more people.

Nicole has been a personal stylist for over nine years. In addition to working with 1:1 clients, she has styled photo shoots for personal branding clients, major retail brands, and print and digital magazines including Women's Day and Polished Magazine.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How your clothes can be used as a tool to increase your confidence;

  • How your personal brand relates to your business;

  • What items to prioritize in your wardrobe;

  • Feeling comfortable with your style even when others aren’t;

  • The myth that you can’t be smart and look good; and

  • How to dress for photo shoots.


“What happens to entrepreneurs is when they need to show up somewhere they default to the person they were in their corporate job. And then they’re like, ‘This doesn’t feel like me.’”


“It’s easier to be you all the time rather than worry about being professional or unprofessional.”


“You can literally work forever. So figure out what structures you can put in place to mark the beginning and end of the day. This is where you can use clothes as a tool.”


“For anyone that feels like they have no sense of style, I disagree. It’s there. You just haven’t found it yet.”


“These people - they’d written the book, they had PR people but they didn’t feel like they were showing up for work the way they wanted to. And style was the missing piece for them.”


“You keep repeating things. That’s why branding works, right? It’s the same with your wardrobe as it is with your logo.”


“If you were going to put together a Pinterest board of just your style and you were thinking about the season, would you be reaching for layers or something more like a jumpsuit? That tells you how you feel your best.”


“The number one problem women have isn’t that they don’t have clothes or style. It’s that they don’t know how to style what they have.”


“Spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing or wearing.”


Nicole’s work was recently featured in an Ecco shoot, helping shoppers understand how to pair their shoes with top wardrobe picks for the season. Check out their site and scroll to the videos to see her amazing work!