119: The Final episode - Transitions + Turning Points

PoP epsiode 119_social quote

After hitting record for over two years, I’ve decided to end this show. In this episode I’m joined live for a conversation on why I decided this, how I came to the decision, and what it’s taught me about how others react when hearing about big life and business decisions.

We talk about:

  • How important it is to get quiet,
  • Getting over the fear of losing connection when you’re not pumping out content,
  • The push and pull between relevancy and authenticity,
  • Separating what you want from what you think you should want, and
  • Listening to — what Oprah calls — the whispers of the universe.


3 questions to ask during a time of awakening:

  • What is most important to me?
  • What are my must-haves or non-negotiables?
  • What do I really want? Not just what I think I should want.


It’s important to remember that we have control over our choices — that no one is forcing us to decide one way or another.

Home life always affects work priorities.

The ending of something doesn’t have to be mournful. It can be celebratory.


“Why am I doing this and when did it change from something that felt light and easy and exciting to something that felt like a chore?” - Kim Wensel

“When you have a show that’s just yourself it always feels like you’re speaking into a void.” - Kim Wensel

“You can’t always force and control your way into the future.” - Kim Wensel

“Am I sharing this because I’m going through it? Am I sharing it because it’s relevant to my audience? And is there overlap?” - Kim Wensel

“I think everyone brings their own feelings to your experience.” - Megan Pollard