117: Personal Branding Lessons From A Cultural Curator

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Earlecia Richelle never had a roadmap for her career. While fashion has always been her north star, it’s been integrated in her work in unexpected ways, taking her across the globe as a stylist, mixologist, and national brand ambassador.

On today’s episode Earlecia shares what top brands are doing well that corporate and personal brands skip over—connecting your brand to your consumer’s lifestyle, narrowing in, and creating an aspirational aesthetic.


With a personality as bold as her wardrobe (you must follow her on IG), Earlecia shares:

  • How she followed her internal spark even when there was no model for what her varied interests could lead to,
  • Being unapologetic about pricing,
  • Why luxury isn’t as much about price as we think it is, and
  • How you must experience life fully if you’re going to inspire others through your work.


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Earlecia Richelle Gibb is a cultural curator and experience designer, utilizing the power of aesthetics and narrative to bring people together. As the National Brand Ambassador for St~Germain, she travels the globe creating programming that educates, engages, and inspires the cocktail industry and consumers. 

In an era defined by trends and transparency, Earlecia utilizes an anthropological approach to brand-building, connecting products with how people see and express themselves. She’s held positions in luxury beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and media companies, including Essence Magazine and Grey Goose, and was recently honored in the creative category of 31 Days of Black Women in Food.


80% of brands get it wrong because they focus on selling a product, rather than an experience.

People connect to sensory experiences.

Premium brands speak to a single person, not the masses.

You don’t have to hold yourself to a higher standard just because you’re at a higher price point.


“Luxury is an experience, not a price point.” - Earlecia Richelle

“People aren’t buying your product because it’s the best one out there.” - Earlecia Richelle

“If you have multiple things you’re good at, multiple things that drive you, sometimes having an umbrella to put them under gives you a sense of focus.” - Earlecia Richelle

“If you look at most premium brands, values and aesthetics are front and center.” - Earlecia Richelle


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