114: The Downside of High Expectations

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I recently took a trip to Palm Springs for a photoshoot. This photoshoot was the big one—the one that would take down all photoshoots. So you can imagine my confusion, angst, and sadness when the results didn’t come back as imagined.

This episode is all about what it looks like to be in the middle of change. While everyone loves to say that change is messy, we rarely accept it as such. The desire to push through it and have it figured out is real. But what would happen if we can roll through these disappointments and setbacks rather than labeling them as a waste of time, money, and energy?

That’s the question I’m considering as I take the mic solo and unscripted in the midst of a season of great expectations.


Tweaking gives the false notion of having control.

We often place high expectations on one thing thinking it will be the magic pill. Expecting success to come from a single variable isn’t realistic.

As business owners there’s no such thing as one and done—we’re constantly evolving and need to show up accordingly.

Even when we can’t see it...even when it feels the messiest, change and growth are happening.


“They say change is messy for a reason but we always like to think it will be different for us.” - Kim Wensel

“When we do work for ourselves that we do for others we think it should be easy because we’re the experts. And yet...we can never see ourselves as others do.” - Kim Wensel

“Uplevel isn’t shiny. It’s not cute. It’s messy before everything falls into place.” - Kim Wensel

“I had this idealized vision of what the outcome would be and when it fell short I didn’t know what to do.” - Kim Wensel