112: Good, Fast, or Cheap - Pick Two

PoP episode 112_quote

If you’re in business you’re in sales. And every salesperson has to expect negotiation. 

When you’re in charge of making decisions you also have the freedom to name your price, availability, and timeline. This is great because as you evolve you can shift your prices, start a waiting list, and let a prospect know when you’re not a good fit. 

And still there will always be someone who wants it all and wants it THEIR WAY.

Knowing what you can promise -- good, fast, or cheap -- (hint: it’s never all three) will help you navigate these conversations and uphold the boundaries you need to deliver your highest level of service.


If one of your promises is “fast,” it would be smart to include something in your messaging about not wasting time or getting the result they want faster.

Maybe “cheap” is one of your promises. You wouldn’t necessarily label this as cheap, more like high value, accessible, starter kit, or perfect for beginners.

You must define what “good” means for you. Does it mean better than your client doing it themselves? Does it mean easier than having to manage multiple contractors to get the result they’re looking for? Does it mean getting it done right the first time to avoid the endless cycle of tweaking that can happen when something is delivered only half baked.


"When you know what you need to get the job done and done well you can make a more informed decision on when and why you’re adjusting your process, price, or timeline." - Kim Wensel

"As consumers we’ve also got to reset our expectations. If you want something that checks all of the boxes don’t you think everyone else does too?" - Kim Wensel

"If you’ve felt pressured to deliver on all three, this is your permission to stop trying to be superwoman or superman. We can’t please everyone." - Kim Wensel