111: On Envy

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We all know that social media isn’t everything—it’s a snapshot. Swap that out for newsletters, podcasts, or however you stay connected. We see flashes of success and think, “They’re killing it.”

Some of us are saddled with home responsibilities we’ve never had before — kids being at home 24/7, dishes and cleaning, schooling during the day and working until midnight. Others have had tremendous space to create as the world loosened up on its hurried expectations. But we’ve all experienced envy.

Despite what you’ve heard, envy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In this episode I’m sharing:

  • Why we need to pay more attention to what we’re envious of,
  • Important questions to ask yourself to assess whether envy is helpful or harmful,
  • A surprising action I took when I was recently feeling jealous, and
  • Keeping your sights on the life you want your business to afford you.


If we don’t take the time to examine why we experience envy we’ll breed resentment, miss out on opportunities to connect, and stifle our own growth.

Sometimes the best move is to hire someone who’s operating at the level you want to be.

The self-made story is fiction. If you want to make giant leaps you have to trust (and invest in) more than just yourself.

It’s very enticing to see your revenue grow—with every goal you blow past you move the goalpost higher. This becomes the endless cycle of more.


"Entrepreneurial poverty is real. You can have a successful business without paying yourself." - Kim Wensel

"If we can become better at recognizing what’s fueling envy we can more easily move past it." - Kim Wensel

"Ask yourself: Is this something I really want? If I had this, what would it allow me to do? If I had this, how might my life potentially need to change?" - Kim Wensel

"I didn’t really believe she had it all handed it to her, but it was easier to be envious than take the steps to get what I wanted." - Kim Wensel