11: On-Brand Photography


Headshots. We all need them but rarely do they seem to fit our brand look and feel. And who really wants the stiff blazer against a gray backdrop effect representing them?  It can feel like navigating a minefield trying to figure out how to get a range of photos that represent you, how to prepare for a shoot, and how to pose. Enter Steph Zangeneh Azam.

Steph is the owner of Mighty Within. A one-gal creative studio designing electric brands and websites along with vibrant photography. She has a sincere appreciation for things of the past that are well made and will stand the test of time; Danish modern furniture, film photography, and listening to records. She loves her cats, riding her vintage motorcycles, and crime podcasts. Her go-to style: turquoise rings + dirty boots + WILD hair. Most weekends you’ll find her sharing Instagram stories of her California adventures with her husband Alex in their vintage convertible.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Whether to brand your business under your name or not;

  • Combining all of your talents in one business;

  • The importance of photography in branding your business;

  • Steph’s approach to environmental portraits;

  • What’s missing in most photos on social media; and

  • How to incorporate photography in your rebrand plans.



“I really wanted the name of my business to be meaningful to me, - powerful - but also long standing. I wanted to create my empire.”


“Photography has always been really personal to me. I started doing film photography - black and white documentary photography. So I never really thought about being able to offer that to clients.”


“Photography needs to be just as important as your logo, your website, and your copy.”


“Try and find an environment that speaks to what you want your brand to be or what you want it to look like.”


“I want to see more of the grit, more of the personality.”


“What I see missing on social media is the real moments -  people just being who they are versus perfectly posed.”


“Stock photography is great. But if you're using only stock photography you need to make sure that it's quality, unique, and also that it is on-brand.”


“I do the brand design first and then the photo shoot. That way I can be more conscious of incorporating the brand colors and the vibe and just making sure that the photos reflect the brand.”


“It's a really good practice for me to give control over to somebody else and let them see me through their lens. And also let me see myself through someone else's lens. It’s important to see how other people see us. That’s the deeper end of brand photography.”


Connect with Steph online:

WEB: Mighty Within

IG: @mightywithin