105: Why Your Brand Is Attracting Clients Who Can't Afford You

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It takes more than raising your prices to attract premium-paying clientele. Your brand approach has to instill confidence that you can serve them in the way they need and expect.

This is where the small businesses and agencies of the world are differentiated.

In this episode I’m sharing 7 things that premium clientele are looking for and the 5 tactics we’ve been taught that are (often unbeknownst) creating question marks in their minds.

I share:

  • How to adjust your brand approach to instill confidence,
  • Why you need to review in your customer experience right now,
  • The mistake I made when trying to convey a customized approach,
  • How important social media is to clientele with cash on hand, and
  • Whether top-paying clients want to be educated or not.


There will always be people who can’t afford you. Your goal is not to convince them they can.

The truth is at some points in our businesses we are all price shopping. We each value some things over others and are willing to pay top dollar for some things that we would never consider in other categories.

It’s not your job to ask your client how they want to work with you. It’s your job to tell them how to get the result they desire.

Experience over funnel. Human over subscriber. Connection over follower count.


"Premium-level clients are searching for premium-level providers. And you’d be shocked at how few there are out there who care deeply about their clients’ success as much as their own." - Kim Wensel

"Busy, successful, in demand people are hiring you to do it for them. In most cases they don’t want you to teach them how to do it and leave it to them to execute." - Kim Wensel

"They know what they need. They’re ready to invest in it now. And they want you to tell them how to make that happen." - Kim Wensel

"Time is more important than money, especially when you start making more money." - Kim Wensel