104: When The Goal Isn't To Scale

PoP podcast episode 104_1

Scaling and growing aren’t the same thing. All businesses should experience healthy growth. Not every business is destined to scale.

The same goes for teaching. Not every business owner is a great instructor. Some of us thrive when solving problems in real time with others—let’s be honest: we’re the ones who step in when someone doesn’t get it quickly enough.

In this solo episode I explore an important question: Is it enough to want to make a really good living doing 1:1 work?

In this discussion I cover:

  • How your work inherently changes when you scale your business,
  • What I learned from a job that kept me in perpetual launch mode,
  • Why it’s important to personally define your success metrics, and 
  • The rarely discussed but very lucrative reason to provide top-level 1:1 services.


You must define what success looks like to you so you are acutely aware when you’ve reached that pinnacle.

When you scale your position will inherently change.

The best business advice I have is: do good work. Do it long enough. Success will come.

Rather than followers or revenue, the goal can be to continue making more money, year after year, with as much ease as possible. 


"The biggest hurdle to clear is creating a situation where you’re making the money you want to make while working the hours you want to work and doing what you want to do." - Kim Wensel

"It’s what overwhelmed me for too many years — the promise that success is just on the other end of one more sequence. I can’t help but wonder — to what end? What does that lifestyle look like? What does the day to day feel like?" - Kim Wensel

"My goal is not to get to a $1M year as quickly as possible. It’s to build a sustainable business that feeds me year after year." - Kim Wensel