103: Relying On Talent Isn't Enough

PoP podcast episode 103 quote

Early in our lives we learn to strive for good grades. We begin to understand the connection between being smart and succeeding. So it’s quite a jolt when we realize that in entrepreneurship simply being smart isn’t enough.

There will always be people who aren’t as smart as you who own a much more profitable business.

This episode focuses on the tools we need aside from book smarts to create long-term success. These are the tools we don’t even realize we’re developing until we look in the rearview mirror.

I talk about:

  • How mothering through a pandemic has made me doubt myself in business,
  • The reason Tom Brady’s rise to success is relevant to entrepreneurs,
  • Why it’s essential to position yourself when you’re the best at what you do, and
  • Sharing how your pandemic experience is relevant to your brand’s story.


You just have to make the right next move.

Learning more won’t guarantee you success.

When we become honest with ourselves about how much we can get done during a global pandemic, we can lower our expectations for output.

If no one is doubting you, you aren’t being bold enough.

Make time for living; that’s what will add the depth to your brand, presence, and execution.


"I have seen so many people hold back because they aren’t expert enough yet. So they gain more training and then don’t show up because they aren’t sure how they’re different from all the other so called 'experts.'”

"What’s most important right now is covering the essentials. The rest will have to wait."

"What if I simply asked you to show up and speak passionately about what’s on your heart and mind rather than trying to create the most polished delivery that positions you as the go-to expert?"