101: 7 Words To Pull From Your Website Today

PoP podcast episode 101 quote

Words, just like fashion, can be trendy. Just audit five sites of the people you follow on Instagram. My guess is you’ll very quickly notice themes in the words they use to describe what they sell.

If you want to stand out—because everybody wants to stand out (I’m aware of the irony in using this trendy phrase)—you have to use language that captures that difference. General, lofty words and phrases won’t do the trick.

In this episode I’m covering:

  • The seven most common offenders,
  • Why these words have lost their meaning, and
  • And how to choose words that better describe the value you offer.


"I don’t know if this is a result of trends or if we’re all just sitting in a bubble mimicking each other without realizing it, but at some point we’re not saying much of anything."

"We all know most people who are speaking about standing out are teaching the same formulas with the same templates to hundreds, if not thousands."

"I’ve yet to talk to someone who is saying they’re coming to me because they want to feel more empowered with their message."

"Most of us don’t know the difference between scale and grow; we make the assumption everyone wants to scale."

"Confidence isn’t a strong enough result for me to buy from you."

"Authenticity isn’t the goal. Authenticity is a way of doing so you can reach your goal."