08: Burn Out, Self Care, UX...Oh My!


Why do we think that building a business has to be hard?
That the only path to success is through round-the-clock hustle? Natalie Biesel,
a coach for female entrepreneurs and former brand designer,
knocks this notion on its head in today’s episode.

Natalie is a brand expert and mindset coach for high-achieving female entrepreneurs. After decades of corporate work, she recently ditched her day job and pivoted her business to better align with her intentions and passions.

On this episode, Natalie shares:

  • Why we need to slow down to find our highest creativity;

  • What self-sabotage looks like and why it’s hard to spot;

  • Small shifts we can make running a business feel better;

  • How working on user-centered design projects with her former agency changed her approach to designing websites; and

  • What elements of our story we should include to attract our people.


“There’s this one version of creativity that we’re all expected to do. Like whenever we’re at our jobs we’re supposed to just bang out the creative work. The energy that comes from that is from a place of force. But what I’ve found for me personally is that it’s the gaps between the work where all of my best ideas have come from.” - Natalie Biesel


“You get to this place where you’re burning and churning and it’s really hard to think about your business in a new and fresh way.” - Natalie Biesel


‘It took me 20 years of doing things the wrong way to find out what the right way was. And when I say right and wrong, I’m simply talking about feeling like shit or feeling better.” - Natalie Biesel


“We’ve heard a lot about the corporate rut or being trapped in a soul-sucking job you hate. But what we don’t talk about a lot is being trapped in a business that you’ve created and that no longer serves you.” - Kim Wensel


“I know a lot of very successful female business owners who still attribute their success to their hustle. And in the same breath they’ll tell you, ‘Yes, I did just land myself in the hospital.’” - Natalie Biesel


“That thing we really want to do that feels super aligned - we’re so afraid that if we can’t make our businesses work doing that thing it would be completely heartbreaking.” - Natalie Biesel


“Growing your own business is like personal development boot camp. I mean ALL your stuff comes out - all your fears, all of your worry, everything to the super max. Because you have to put yourself out there.” - Natalie Biesel


“The wonderful thing about copy hitting people over the head is that if those are your people, they’ll keep reading. If those aren’t your people, they might not keep reading. And that’s okay. You’re trying to get more of your people, not everyone.” - Natalie Biesel


“It’s an unpopular opinion to say that design should support the intention and not set the intention.” - Kim Wensel


“In the end you’re just telling a story through your site and some people want to take away from that story by saying, ‘Here’s my PhD and everything else I’ve done,’ it doesn’t add to the story of what your expertise is and how you can help them.” - Natalie Biesel


Learn more about Natalie’s work and connect with her online:

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