06: Understanding Why Your
Customers Choose You


All of us want more of our best customers. But how to do that? This week’s guest, Kate Farrall, shares how she tracks her clients’ feedback and exact words they use to connect with prospects , making them feel heard, understood, and cared for.

Kate Farrall is a get-your-shit-together specialist for artists, makers and creative business owners who want to do more and earn more from what they make. Her path from MFA to tech start-up to business owner allows her to help her clients use proven marketing and outreach tactics to build their businesses without sacrificing their creativity.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Reflecting back to clients what they say so they feel heard and understood;

  • Tracking feedback in a way that’s useful, not overwhelming;

  • How you can use client questions for content and marketing ideas;

  • Creative ways to share client wins with prospects; and

  • Acknowledging that you don’t need to attract everyone - just the right people - to have a successful business.


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“You don’t have to be a starving artist. That’s an incredibly boring way to think about your work.” - Kate Farrall


“If you’re in any conversation with someone - about art or not - your body language starts to mimic the person you’re talking to. So for me, using words artists use makes perfect sense. I want them to know they’re heard and they’re understood when working with me.” - Kate Farrall


“We all just want to make art and sleep and make art and sleep. But it takes a lot of strategy to be successful with that.” - Kim Wensel


“A lot of times, especially when we’re the CEO of our businesses and we don’t have a partner or co-founder, we just want to be heard.” - Kim Wensel


“When you’re talking with prospective clients it really helps to crystalize how great of a job your past clients have done and their wins because then others will understand that you know how to work with them, understand their problem, and can help solve it.” - Kate Farrall


“Most people are very testimonial driven and I used to be a little more like that. But I also realize that not every client I work with wants their face on my website for the world to see.” - Kate Farrall


“We don’t see our strengths all the time. And the more often we can have other people reflect those back to us, the more we can celebrate what makes us different and really valuable to our clients.” - Kate Farrall


“If there are people are offended by you, that’s okay. They’re not your people.” - Kate Farrall


Learn more about Kate’s business and connect with her online:

WEB: Kate Farrall Coaching

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