04: The (Obvious) Secret to Getting More Clients


Marketing your business is a must. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Sonya Schweitzer, marketing strategist, grounds us in how branding is different from marketing, where you need to be in order to be seen, and how marketing is shifting online.

Sonya Schweitzer is a business and marketing expert for business owners and entrepreneurs. She helps clients see how the right marketing strategy can help them find success in their business.

Building her career from the time where billboard and radio ads were the best marketing to now, when digital trends change daily, Sonya has a deep appreciation for customizing your approach based on where your audience is.

On this episode, she shares:

  • How you can be adaptable in the face of a quickly shifting digital landscape;

  • The ways branding and marketing are different;

  • Determining the ROI on your marketing efforts;

  • Paid vs. organic traffic;

  • The trouble with stretching yourself too thin with your marketing; and

  • Keeping your focus on your own visibility - not others’.


“People buy from people. People don’t buy from brands.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“With the internet, with online marketing, you’re adapting every single day.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“Branding is people’s perception of you. Marketing is the part where you’re promoting your brand.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“If you don’t have a robust blog, you’re kind of wasting your time and money on paid traffic. You should wait until you get to a point where you’ve got some decent content that really showcases your brand.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“What most people will say is, ‘I’m not getting enough leads or I’m not getting the right leads. So they’ll turn to a rebrand because they think they need to show up better. And rebranding makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.” - Kim Wensel


“You don’t have to be on every platform. And, in fact, if you are on everything you’re probably not doing a very good job because you’re stretching yourself too thin.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“You don’t want to be on a platform where your ideal client isn’t because if you are you’re just going to be playing the sandbox by yourself.” - Sonya Schweitzer


“I’m convinced that we either have to give up time or money. If you spend all of your time trying to develop your own copy, trying to learn about the algorithms, understanding where your audience is you’re not going to have much time to be in your business.” - Kim Wensel


“Find someone who’s honest with you, who understands your ideal client, and is really qualified to give you the right answers--not just the ones you want to hear.” - Kim Wensel


“If you’re not grabbing someone’s attention within seconds, you’ll never grab them. There’s too much noise and other distractions going on.” - Sonya Schweitzer


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