03: Explaining What You Do


Does the thought of selling yourself overwhelm you? Mimi Bishop is here to help with that. As a side hustle coach and productivity expert, Mimi shares tips on how to define your niche, describe your business, and build trust with your audience.

Mimi Bishop is a side-hustle coach who left her high-level corporate job of 25 years to help ambitious women working a 9-5 and want to launch a business online.

In true New Yorker fashion, Mimi started her own business helping executives and business owners who wanted to be more productive through their days. She later realized that, while productivity was important, it wasn’t always what people were willing to invest in.

On this episode, she talks through:

  • The difference between the outcome and the process...and pinpointing which one sells better;

  • Why it’s important to go back to the drawing board to create your branding statement before creating a website or building your social following;

  • How your branding statement leads to the “three C’s”: Confidence, Consistency, and Clients;

  • What it means to have a niche—and why it doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing; and

  • Shifting your mindset to “selling is helping.”


“Selling is helping. Show up and be of service to someone.”


“Go where your clients are hanging out. Read blog post comments, Facebook comments, even reviews of books on the industry you work in and pay attention to what their pain points are.”


“You need to niche to understand who your specific clients are and what their specific problems are.”


Learn more about Mimi and connect with her online:

WEB: https://mimibishop.com/

FACEBOOK: Mimi Bishop Enterprises

TWITTER: @mimirosebishop

LINKEDIN: Marissa Catania Bishop