02: So You Want to Rebrand?


Before you hire a designer, get clear on what you really need. Kali Edwards, a graphic and web designer, shares her tips on the most important questions to explore before you jump into a rebrand.

Kim interviews Kali Edwards, a graphic and web designer, who runs June Mango Studio.  Kali designs brands for mamas who are balancing businesses and babies. She loves making things beautiful but works hard to make sure her designs are functional, as well.

If you’re looking to connect with your clients and build trust that makes you the obvious choice for them, you’ll love this conversation!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The difference between a “restyle” and a “rebrand”

  • When it’s time to rebrand and what you need to prepare for one

  • Common branding misconceptions

  • The most important action you can take to market your business

  • Do’s and don’ts of a rebrand

  • Why we’re all craving more human connection and what we can do about it


“I get more into the branding and messaging BEFORE we begin to designthe messaging is sometimes overlookedpeople just want a pretty logo without taking into account what needs to happen behind the scenes.” - Kali Edwards


“It’s hard to know what you need when you just know things aren’t working the way they are.” - Kim Wensel


“If you’re embarrassed to show people your website or your logoor even talk about what you’re doingthat might be time to invest in a rebrand and dive into your strategy a little more.” - Kali Edwards


“We know we need something to look or feel or sound different about our business, but we’re really scared about whether the investment is right...It’s a long term investment vs. a short term payoff.” - Kim Wensel


Branding is not the same as marketing. Building a business and building a brand doesn’t mean the customers will automatically come.”  - Kim Wensel


“The most important thing I did to get clients was I started going to in-person events and started making friends.” - Kali Edwards


Learn more about Kali and connect with her online:

WEB: https://junemango.com/

IG: @junemangostudio